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Pam Stoehsler

Winner of the California Upland Game Bird Stamp Competition 1997-98

<i>Chuckers ©1997 by Pam Stoehsler</i> Chuckers ©1997 by Pam Stoehsler
Actual size:
 Print-- 12x14 inches
 Image-- 6.5x9 inches

About the Artist

Pam grew up in Adin, a small Northern California town where country living prevailedand wildlife was abundant. It was here that art became a part of her life, and shewas compelled to reproduce the beauty she witnessed in nature. Pam works primarilyin watercolor, creating detailed realism of birds and animals interacting in their chosen habitat. The artist now lives with her husband, Ben, in the Klamath Basin nearthe Pacific Flyway's largest marshes, providing her with abundant subject matter.Pam is also the winner of both 1995 and 1996 Oregon Upland Bird Stamps.


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