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Traditional Art

We need to preview the art prior to committing space, since we have a policy of hosting only 'recognizable' art. While realizing that art means different things to different people, we reserve the right to host what we deem to be art . . . for example, no welded tin cans with ribbons tied on. This isn't censorship; we want to keep the theme harmonious.


Have you put together a brochure, flyer, or had postcards made for shows and such? These will make it easier to set up your website with your artist's statement and biography. Is there a site that has a 'look' that you would like to pattern yours after? Do you have photos of your work? Or better yet, scanned photos? We can work with either.


At Artwork, there are no restrictions on advertising you may quote prices for your work.


Our lowest-priced web sites are $5/month . . . or free -- on a commission basis instead of a monthly fee.

Special Offer: $5 Webpage

Our special offer for woodcarvers and starving artists: you may put up a web page at for the token charge of only $5/month. This allows you sufficient space to talk about yourself and your work, have photos of your projects, and prices/contact information listed.

The $5 web page is intended to be a relatively simple production for either commercial small businesses or private artists' exposure. If you aren't experienced in building web pages, I will toss one together for you at no charge. Obviously, at this price, we can't spend a great deal of time doing custom page design and tweaking . . . but there are a few 'templates' available that should fit most requirements. Or if you want to write your own HTML, you can make it as complex as you want, as long as the disk space doesn't get out of hand.

As far as total space goes, there isn't really a set limit as such, but we think in terms of 'reasonableness'. A picture shouldn't need more than about 50KBytes, and 10 or 20 pictures should be plenty. Or is it? We are open to suggestions. Words don't take that much space... insignificant in relation to a couple of pictures.

Free Page

The free page is for established artists and operates like a regular art gallery. That is, we display the work at our expense, but receive a commission from sales generated. The amount of the commission is flexible, based upon what is fair and reasonable, agreed upon with the artist. We are considering a fixed rate card for that program.

We will put up a few pictures and whatever text you like. If you need an order form, we'll throw that in too. (If you want to process secured credit card transactions, that will cost a bit extra.)

Basics: What is a Web Site?

A web site is nothing more than a group of files on a computer that is always connected to the internet. The files have HTML code that describes the formatting of the words and pictures. Pictures are scanned and stored as JPEG or GIF images with the HTML pages. Typically, there is also a form where the public can order information and/or the product. Entries to the form are usually routed into e-mail to the cognizant party. When a person directs their browser to the web site, the computer sends the appropriate data to the browser, which then interprets it and displays the words and pictures. The Artwork Network can provide either the host computer and file space, or the HTML code design, or both. Our prices for hosting websites are quite low, and the HTML coding price varies depending on volume and complexity.


Search engines are one of the primary ways that people get information from the internet. By setting appropriate keywords in your meta header, and submitting your site to the search engines, the public will obtain links to your page. The Artwork Network is registered with the major search engines, and all sites hosted here are periodically re-indexed by the search engine 'robots'.

Placing your web page address in your mail program's signature will advertise to those who see your e-mail. If you participate in newsgroups or mailing list services, thousands of people will have a chance to click on your link.

Reciprocal links with sites that have similar content will also draw interested people to your web site.

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